Choosing Laminate Flooring

Choosing laminate flooring is not an easy task. There are many things to consider when choosing a laminate. For example, different classifications and labels, which you somehow need to be able to understand.

Laminate flooring costs less than other materials. It is a combination of the following layers: a plate of fiberboard or chipboard, several layers of paper and a laminated film of acrylic or melamine resin. It is the laminated film that protects the remaining layers from dirt, moisture and mechanical damage.

You should choose the flooring for your home very carefully. It should be strong and resistant to scratches and weights. Here is what you need to take into consideration when choosing laminate flooring::

  •            Class of laminate
  •            Laminate Thickness
  •            Warranty period
  •            Laminate Design

Class of laminate

The first concept the buys faces when choosing a laminate floors is the class of the product.

The class of laminate determines its strength and durability, as well as indicates in what areas and under which conditions laminate floors can be used. The class is determined with the help of a special durability test by the manufacturer.

There are 31.32, 33 classes of laminate:

  • classes 31 or 32 are used for houses and apartments
  • class 33 is used for halls, offices, shops, cafes, etc

Laminate Thickness

Laminate thickness determines the noise insulation and impact resistance of the laminate floors. The thickness of the laminate board depends on the thickness of the middle layer, the lower and upper layers are basically standard. Laminate floors with  thickness of 7, 8, 10, 12 mm are available in the market.

For apartments it is better to use laminates of 7 or 8 mm. Laminate with a thickness of 10 mm and 12 mm is designed for industrial environments or more intensive, ‘commercial’ use: hallways, gyms or shops.

Warranty period

Each manufacturer determines the minimum warranty period during which the laminate will not lose its look. This period can vary from 5 to 30 years!

Laminate Design

Laminate floors come in a variety of of colors, design options. The appearance of the laminate does not affect its wear resistance and depends on your preferences. You can choose white laminate flooring for the living room, since it visually expands the space, and  beige or gray shades are suitable for the kitchen or hallway, because these rooms require frequent cleaning.